Be Endurance Open Water Swimming

Since 2010, we have been organising and leading open water swimming in Essex, London and Herts. At our core, we are a coaching business and our open water swim sessions primarily focus around offering swim training that enables triathletes and swimmers to improve their open water experiences with structured sessions that would lead to better technique, improved confidence and readiness for race day.

Our swimming sessions have developed to also offer the chance to ‘do your own thing’ and since 2021, we have also become an all year round swim provider with the inclusion of cold water winter swimming.

Our team is made up of experienced open water swimmers who have been involved in the swim world for over 15 years. Our team includes coaches that are part of the Swim England and British Triathlon set up.

Be Endurance are also a company that have been organising and delivering race events for 10 years and we continue to do this at our venue in Essex with the inclusion of swim racing and aquathlons.

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