Open Water Swim Sessions

Our current timetable reflects the Winter swim season. This lasts from November through to the end of March 2024.

Open Swims

These sessions allow swimmers to enjoy the freedom of swimming on their own or with friends on a set 250m or 500m course. There is no pressure to swim at specific speeds or to swim a certain distance. It’s your swim to do as you please.



During our winter season we do not allow Junior swimmers.

Saturdays @ 09:00 -12:00

Induction Swim

It is a pre requisite for any new swimmers to Luxborough Lake, or to swimming with Be Endurance, that they complete the Induction swim with us. The purpose of this session is to explain the safety procedures of the lake and to establish a level of competence. Swimmers will not be allowed to swim on their own as part of the ‘Open Swim’ unless they have completed the Induction swim.

During the Winter season the induction pays particular attention to the associated risks that cold water swimming can bring about. 

open water induction swim

Saturdays @ 09:00       

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